Thursday, April 8, 2010

my explicit dream....

Ok so i woke up this morning remembering my amazing dream that I had last night which rarely ever happens but this one was especially hot...
I ended up somehow getting stranded on the ocean and ended up at this really nice house of two "famous" latin singers lol ...dont ask...then to make a long story short i ended up staying in one of their outdoor cabanas and then this sexy guy came into my room and started going down on me and he had a tounge ring! and he was feeling my body up and down and looked up at me then penetrated me...uhhh! and gave me the best sex EVER and then we laid with each other in this rediculously sexy location on this outside cabana....i woke up a little more than excited...yumm! I want it to be true! but probably if a stranger came in my room id be weirded out..but it was just a super HOTT dream hehe.:)
xo TF

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